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The coronavirus also affects us as a company. In this newsletter you will learn how we deal with the current situation. There is also good news: In the second part of the newsletter we'll go into our now available app.

Corona: How we deal with the virus

Collecting and donating waste is a physical process. Therefore, we at eco-projects.global also feel the effects of the coronavirus clearly. For example, we are currently no longer personally handing out collection boxes. But you still have the possibility to have a collection box sent to you. Furthermore, our collection points are currently no longer in operation. This means that you cannot exchange your full collection boxes for empty boxes at the moment. However, there is nothing to be said against having another box sent to you in this case.

Our idea of Crowd Powered Recycling is largely based on an IT infrastructure. We are currently working on this infrastructure - as far as possible - from our home office. This way we can roll out our app, which offers you many exciting features in addition to the functions related to waste donation. You can find out more in the second part of this newsletter.

The development of the non-profit eco-projects.global is financed by our start-up capital. Therefore the delay caused by the corona virus hits us hard. You can support us with a donation to bridge this difficult time. Of course we can issue you a donation receipt if required. Thank you very much.

Get the app!

This is it! We present you our app called Contribute. Be part of an ever-growing community, get the latest information about waste management and recycling, earn eco-cents and support eco-projects all over the world!

You are already part of the community? We have already made your data available for you in the app. Log in with your email address and your access code from Crowd Powered Recycling. Contribute replaces our pilot program for Crowd Powered Recycling.

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With Crowd Powered Recycling you can make an important contribution to more sustainable consumption by collecting and releasing selected waste. From the proceeds of recycling the waste collected by the crowd, we will support selected eco-projects all over the world in the future.