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Great ideas need great people to become reality! In this newsletter you will learn how you can accelerate your own projects with services by eco-projects. And there are even more positive things to report: Our shop is online and you can support our charitable projects with your purchases!

services by eco-projects

Sometimes great opportunities are hidden behind crises. This is also the case with services by eco-projects. After the release of our App Contribute last month, our goal was to start building our logistics to help you collect, deliver and transport your waste donations in the best possible way. For this purpose we are dependent on strong partners, who currently have to react to the challenges of the Corona crisis and are working to capacity.

We have a great team - so what would be more obvious to make our experience and creativity available to other companies? And that is services by eco-projects: consulting and services for companies. Here, too, all revenues flow into our charitable initiatives. So you can implement projects and tasks in your company faster and more goal-oriented and do good at the same time!

#immune - Our SHOP is Online

The coronavirus also leaves positive traces: We are happy with all the people around the globe who have recovered after an infection. With our #IMMUNE initiative you can show that you are no longer in danger of infection and at the same time do good. Of course, 100% of the income from our shop also goes to our charitable initiatives.

An unplanned journey through difficult times

"Actually, I had imagined a new phase of life differently!" That's about how I felt when the first restrictions due to the virus became known. Four months before, we founded eco-projects.global. To be honest, my emotions were far from moderate. Now my nine peers and I have been working from the home office for four weeks. We have reduced working hours because we cannot follow our idea of building a logistics chain for waste donations.

And we are looking for new ways to follow our mission even without physical contact. So how can we, as a non-profit organization, continue to have a positive impact on our environment while securing our funding. Creativity is needed, and there is always an opportunity in every crisis.

So now we have remembered our core competencies and offer our skills as a service through http://services.eco-projects.global. Whoever places orders with us can be sure that they are buying experience and at the same time doing something good, as we use all income exclusively for charitable purposes. And the same applies to our online shop at http://shop.eco-projects.global. And then there is Contribute, our community app. Despite everything, we've managed to finish it in the middle of the crisis and we see downloads and new members in the community every day. And you'll keep seeing new features in the app over the next few weeks, like the green heart to like articles within the Community Stream.

Light on the horizon? Indeed. And one thing we can promise: We'll keep going!

Your Nils

(one of the founders of eco-projects.global)

From now on you can like articles within Contribute.

The establishment of the non-profit eco-projects.global is financed by our start-up capital. Therefore the delay caused by the corona virus hits us hard. You can support us with a donation to bridge this difficult time. Of course we can issue you a donation receipt if required. Thank you very much.

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